Singapore Malaysia Thailand Sim Card + Call

  • 新马泰5天电话卡+20分钟
  • 新马泰7天电话卡+20分钟
  • 新马泰10天电话卡+20分钟

SIM Details

SIM Bundle Bundle Valid Date Package Size Price
新马泰5天电话卡+20分钟 5 无限 11.99
新马泰7天电话卡+20分钟 7 无限 12.99
新马泰10天电话卡+20分钟 10 无限 15.99
Coverage Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand
Operator Starhub
How to activate the sim/bundle? Ready Use
SIM size Triple Cut Sim Card
SIM validity 360
Check balance
APN ***(Check after landing
Product description

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